Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Tea to See" and Piedmont Driving Club

I just attended a wonderful benefit, called "Tea to See" that benefits Prevent Blindness Georgia. It was an splendid afternoon with tea, mimosas, tiny tea sandwiches and delicious desserts.  The best part -- it was at the Piedmont Driving Club.

Founded in 1887 by prominent Atlanta businessmen, as the Gentleman's Driving Club, it is on the western edge of Piedmont Park and has served Atlantans for many years.

I haven't been inside that building in at least 20+ years, so I was looking forward to it. I snagged a few pictures to share with you.

Beautiful drawing room off to the right when you first walk in the door.

 One of the many beautiful paintings that grace the walls. Love the blue and white.

A beautiful sitting area.

Steps going up to a dining area.

Close up of the beautiful wallpaper.

All the rooms have pretty chandeliers.

I think this might be the bar. Comfy club chairs and small tables.

In this bar, quiet a bit of duck motif going on.

I could not tell what this gorgeous room is for, but it had the prettiest fireplace and knock your socks off woodwork. All painted over with years and years of white enamel paint. 

Beautiful plaster work around the doors.

I have to take pictures of the food. 

And then my favorite room. The Ladies room.

And the best thing about this room? The makeup stations all had a can of AquaNet. A Southern Girl's staple.  (And yes, that is me in mirror)

Come join me next year.  There is a whole upstairs and downstairs to explore.
Money goes to a good cause and you have fun in the meantime.