Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Fun: Eye Candy

Over the past for years, I have really enjoyed some gorgeous pictures on Tumblr. Even though it is a blog, I have connected with like minded people and we just share pictures of pretty things -- no words needed.

I thought I would share some with you today -- in no particular order.

Have a great weekend


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Selfies - Look at Me! Look at Me!

Have you ever noticed the trend of the way people take selfies? To some, the selfie has become the ultimate symbol of the narcissistic age. Is it degrading or a simple means of self-expression?

First, there was the “hold the camera up in front of mirror and snap” trend. Karen Cheng, an Australian fashion blogger I have read since before her second child was born, made the selfie a standard.  She takes an almost daily picture of what she is wearing.  I think she still uses the mirror trick. I don't care she is a beautiful girl.

With front facing cameras on iPhones and others, people could ditch the mirror. You can see the picture you're taking and frame it perfectly to show yourself off as best as possible.

Now with the selfie stick people to take pictures of their whole outfit even if it is a strange angle.

Then we had the “I will take a picture of my shoes” selfie. Not sure what this one is all about...

Selfies have become so popular that even CNN has a Look at Me! site with the top 25 selfies of the week.

I have determined that selfies are a personal art form or at least something to be practiced. Here are a few of my own -- I think I need practice.