Friday, October 19, 2018

Ah, Savannah

In a week, my dearest friend of 40+ years and I will be traveling to Savannah for Halloween week.

We will be taking every ghost tour we can and there are bunches of them.

We will eat in all my favorite places.

Pirate's House -- yes, it is haunted.

And the The Olde Pink House -- yes, it is haunted.

And the 17Hundred90 Inn - yes it is haunted.

We will be staying in a B&B that is haunted.

Eliza Thompson House - yes, it is haunted and has haunted room. unfortunately, the haunted room is booked years in advance.

Also, we will be nipping over to Tybee Island for a Dolphin Tour and to check out the adorable bungalows nestled around all the new development on that really crowded island. 

But, some eye candy for you from my last few trips. (excuse some of them -- taken on the fly with an old iPhone)

Happy Halloween!!!


Monday, October 1, 2018

Shopping My Closet

I have been reading lots of frugal blogs lately and have found some really good ideas about where to cut the budget. Being frugal in this day and age is really hard, especially if you are a working woman and you need work clothes.

One of the themes I have seen in all the frugal websites is:


If you are like me, your closet probably burps when you open the door.

So, I pulled everything out – and I mean everything.

I sorted through. Made the three piles: Keep, Repair/Clean, Give. 
And then put it all back.

After all this, I made list using Notes on my iPhone. I listed various combinations, and even found some combinations I hadn't thought of before.

Then as I wore them, checked them off. I used various icons to make it more fun.
The list helped me realize that there are clothes I hardly ever wear. There are combinations that I wore often and some I only wore once or twice.

This was a surprise!! 
A big surprise.

 If anyone had told me this, I would have said, "Naw - I wear everything, all the time."

Well, I don't.

This little exercise has helped me be much more aware.

If you need inspiration, I found some with this blog Frugalwoods. Mrs Frugalwoods documents how she stopped buying clothes for three years and how she shopped her closet. Her blog also has great ideas about how to maintain those clothes so they last longer. Give it a read.

Will I stop buying clothes for three years? I am not sure.

But, Maya Angelou once said, “We need much less than we think we need.” I need to dwell on this thought.