Thursday, June 14, 2018

Back to Blogging, Maybe?

I have been asked many times for the past couple of months why I am not blogging?

To be frank, I am not sure.

I have several posts half way completed, so maybe I shall complete them and post them.

I get frustrated with blogging and bloggers. Mostly bloggers. It is as if they are all commercial now -- their pages full of ads, they get tons of free stuff and blog about using those items in their homes.

One woman whom I started reading years ago before she was anyone, was able to buy and remodel a whole house using items for free. the personal nature of her original blogs entries have faded into a commercialized page of stuff no one wants.

Others seem to specialize -- only cooking, recipes, Keto, gluten-free.
Or fitness, fashion, and style.
Or photos, decorating, frugality, children.

Perhaps my thoughts and interests are too broad to be a successful blogger?

I am not sure.

In the meantime, I think I will polish up those half-completed posts and send them along.