Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Lovelies

Want to get depressed fast?  
Nothing is guaranteed to bring on the Christmas blues faster than checking out blogs and Pinterest and Tumblr at Christmas. 

a friend's stairs


a friend's tablescape

a friend's tree

See what I mean? 


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Beach Style

What did we do before the Internet and Pinterest? Both are full of fun and lovely Christmas ideas. I just thought that today, I would share some beach-themed eye catchers with you.

The picture above and those below are from Beachcomer. She has a wonderful, refreshing Facebook page as well as a great Etsy Shop. I love her sense of style and simplicity.

Here are some other pretties from other beach decorators.

Found on
I just love love love this extrodinary tree made with oyster shells. It is so Apalachicola, don't you think? From Carla Aston Designs.

Carla Aston Designs

Carla Aston Designs

A fun sign from Meet Me Bye by the Sea.

I particularly like this wreath.


And I end with my own perfect tree made by my creative Sis in law. It has become a favorite.