Monday, March 31, 2014

John Milton Lived Here - a Crumbling Mansion in the UK

Thanks to a friend, who knows I have a passion for crumbling mansions, I came upon knowledge of this house today. The Berkyn Manor Farm & Manor House in Horton - just 4 miles from Windsor Castle. Picture

The house is reportedly once home of John Milton, poet, author of  Paradise Lost.  He lived in the house with his parents from 1632 to 1638. (Not 100% sure about that, but perhaps this is the site of John Milton's home.)

She has really good bones and once was quite the show place.

From all the pictures, it appears to have just been left "as is" by the previous owner, Ernest Raynor. I did a little more Googling and found several sources with pictures.  Let's look.

Family pictures.

Look at this pram.

I bet this library was once a beautiful room.
I just love what one explorer, Oliver James, said "I felt as if I was in a Poirot novel. As I walked around, I tried to piece together the lives of the people who had lived there. The place is full of artifacts, as if it were a time capsule. It was amazing to see the newspaper from the day Prince William was born."
Like most abandoned houses, this one has constant break-ins and reported thefts. All very eerie and heartbreaking.

For more history, information and pictures:


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