Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Flowers on the Table

I love flowers. 

I try to have fresh flowers on my dining room table all the time -- just ask my husband. Since we eat in our dining room every night, I get to enjoy them daily, plus I see them through the kitchen door.  Here are a few of my arrangements I have done so far this year.

Love jonquils. These came from my garden at my mother's house. I planted them years and years ago and they steadfastly come back every year. I paired them with Camellias off my bush in the backyard.

For Memorial Day, I grabbed a huge Southern Magnolia off my tree and some greenery from a nearby bush.

A little later in the season, my neighbor had not cut his grass in a while, so I picked his weeds. Even weeds can steal the show when placed in a festive pitcher turned into a vase.

For July 4th, I thought nice, bright sunflowers would be fun. I just love their fresh faces. I have to admit, I bought these from the local Kroger.

Then just this past week, I sneaked back over the "the neighbor who never cuts grass" and stole these beauties out of his overgrown garden. I am sure he didn't notice.

These days, many flowers are available year-round, but because out-of-season flowers must be grown in a hothouse or shipped from afar, they can be quite pricey. For the freshest blooms on a budget, use what is in your yard  (or a neighbor’s yard.)

Do you put fresh flowers on your table?


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