Friday, August 22, 2014

Greek Time and Ghosts

It is that time of year, Greek time. Well, at most schools rush is over and the new recruits are settling in.

From the Red & Black

Don't the girls all look so cute in their sundresses? Oh yeah, and don't forget that tan they worked all summer on so those tanned legs are perfection.

From the Red & Black

Hundreds of girls go through the process. I think I read that over 1500 girls participated at UGA. 

From the Red & Black

Phi Mu Chapter Facebook

But even with all this fun filled activity, there is still a dark side: Ghosts. 


The Phi Mu house on at 250 S Milledge Avenue is said to be haunted.

One story: 
Anna Hamilton, who lived next door to the Phi Mu house, witnessed the murdering of her fiancé by a member of his own family. The murder was then covered up and her fiancé was buried under the front steps. Hamilton eventually went crazy and haunts the house, still lovesick over her dead fiancé. Sisters of the sorority have reported talking to Hamilton through a Ouija board and occasionally, Hamilton’s crying can be heard, as well.

Another story: 
The legend of the Phi Mu House, according to the sorority, concerns a young woman named Anna Powell. Her husband shot himself, either purposefully or accidentally at the bottom of the stairs. At times, it is said, a cross will appear on the floor where this horrific incident took place. Anna’s spirit has been encountered frequently by sisters in the house. Knocking and sobbing have been heard in the house and one young woman had the door unlocked for her late one night by unseen hands. The house was constructed by Colonel Thomas Hamilton, reportedly Georgia’s first millionaire, and finished in 1858 by his widow, Sarah. It has served as a sorority house since 1964.

And yet another story:
This house once belonged to Charles Phinizy, who was having an affair with Anna Hamilton.  Anna feared that Phinizy was about to tell her husband about the affair and attempted to shoot him, fainting after the shot.  After recovering, she discovered that she had hit her husband, James Watkins Harris, rather than Phinizy.  Legend has it that her husband is buried under the stairs of the house.  There is no record of his death and no tombstone has been found.  Often a cross of light is seen on the spot where Harris was shot, and some sorority members have heard the sounds of a woman crying on the first floor, only to find no one around.

Well, regardless of which story is correct, you have to admit the Phi Mu house in Athens is a pretty thing.


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