Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Russian Santas

When my cousin posted on Facebook a picture of her Russian Santa collecion, I was intrigued.


I have seen them before in passing, in various Christmas Shops (or should I type Shoppes?) but really didn’t give them more than a quick glance.

But today, I did some research and fell in love. Each Santa is carved from solid wood and painted in stunning detail with rich designs and beautiful scenes.

The Russian Santa also called Father Frost, Ded Moroz, and Grandfather Frost, looks like our American Santa Claus… but take a closer look and you notice a few differences. Yes, they both wear boots, a coat, and they both have white beards. However, The Russian Santa wears a long heel-length coat and is seen walking with a magical staff and his hat is  round and fur lined.

Just look at the detail. This one is paticularly pretty with a nativity on his gown.

And here is another nice display.

Santas are dressed in white beards and red coats and Ded Morozes are dressed in blue.

Other differences I found:
  • Ded Moroz rests on Christmas Eve but distributes gifts at the New Year and he rides in a troika - or sleigh - drawn by horses
  • Ded Moroz is accompanied by his attractive granddaughter --the Snow Maiden or Snegurochka instead of elves.
  • Although he is popular now, life was not always easy for Ded Moroz. He was persecuted under Stalin, being branded a 'priest's ally' in 1928. And according to the UK Daily Mail, still poop-pooed by Vladimir Putin

A few more....oh yeah, prices range from $20 up to $2000. Whew.




What do you think? Next time I see them, I may be giving more than a quick glance, if you know what I mean. (wink, wink)


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