Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dolls I Have Loved

It is Easter Sunday evening and I am searching for old Easter pictures. I couldn't find any Easter Pictures but found a few of me and my dolls.  The pictures brought back such sweet, sweet memories, I had to blog about my dolls. As a little girl, I loved my dolls. I spent hours, dressing, feeding, tending to their make believe needs.

The first doll I fell in love with was Tiny Tears. You would feed her water and she cried. She had a really hard head and was quite heavy, but I would spend hours nursing her. Tiny Tears was never short of childish attention.

After nursing, if you squeezed her stomach she would cry.  Manufactured by American Character Doll Company, she was offered in a variety of sizes and became one of the most popular dolls in the 1950 and early 60's.

Here is a picture of me with Tiny Tears.

Dec 1959

My second favorite doll was Chatty Cathy.


Chatty Cathy was born in 1959 by Mattel. She was a huge hit. She looked like a little girl. She had slightly bucked teeth and freckles. And SHE TALKED. I would that string over and over listening to her talk. And I have to admit, I talked back.


And here is my favorite picture of all time. Chatty Cathy and me. 

Dec 1960

One year Santa brought me Casper; also a pull doll that talked. I loved my Casper to death and he became as dirty as this one. 


And of course, there is Barbie. Aunt Pauline gave me an original Barbie. She had a black & white bathing suit, tiny high healed shoes, and sun glasses. Over the years, mother made all sorts of Barbie clothes that I would get for birthday and Christmas Presents.

I don't know what happened to all my dolls. Somehow they disappeared one by one. 
But long ago, in a sweet galaxy far away, a little girl cherishes the memories of her companions.


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