Wednesday, July 22, 2015

9 Things to do on Weekend to Reset for Week

Getting ready for the workweek has become satisfying weekend ritual. A few things I do to make sure upcoming week goes smoothly.

What are nine things you should do to help you prep and prepare for the week ahead? Only you can decide, but here are my nine.

1. Plan work clothes for week

When I plan my clothes for the week, I avoid the early morning stare at closet pondering the eternal question, “what will I wear?” Only to cease on an outfit and discover that there is a stain on the top. If I check over the weekend, I still have time to throw the offending piece into the washer. 


2. Saturday Chores

I always have something that needs doing. Because I really dislike doing heavy housework on the weeknights, I usually reserve Saturday morning as “chore time.” This can include anything from mopping floors, to cleaning baths, to cutting grass – just whatever needs doing. The chore list changes every week. And, once it is done, I reward myself with a flop on the sofa with a book.

3. Change sheets

I love fresh, clean sheets. I usually change my sheets on Sunday so my Sunday night sleep is fresh and relaxed. Helps me better prepare for the week ahead.


4. Catch up on Laundry

For many women, laundry can be a daunting task.  I knew a woman once who said she was doing laundry, but did nothing else while the washer and dryer did their thing. She was also the biggest complainer about never having enough time. I am a firm believer in intermittent laundering.  Start on Friday night or first thing Saturday morning and as you think about it, run into the laundry room and switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer and so on. Be sure and fold/hang up clothes before clothes leave the laundry room. You never have huge loads of folding to do.


5. Take a Nap

Sunday afternoons are the perfect times for a quick snoozette. I often combine my weekend snoozes with reading. It goes like this, read, nap, read, nap, read, nap.

6. Fix table for week

Since we use place mats and cloth napkins, the weekend is a good time to freshen the table with a new look for the week. And, I always try to have some sort of flowers on my table. They make me happy.

7. Wind the clock 

I love my clocks. The sound of chimes fills the house and makes me feel content.

8. Sunday Night Tidy up

Not a big clean, but go around and pick up the weekend mess. Clean the weekend’s accumulation off the kitchen counter – you know the one. It is where everyone in the house dumps. Pick up the shoes/socks/towels/glasses etc that can get left. 

9. Reflect and Give Thanks



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