Wednesday, August 31, 2016

LulaRoe - Not Just Mommy Clothes

LulaRoe. A new (well, to me, anyway) brand of clothing. 
I first heard of the company while doing my Made in the USA investigation. (And my neighbor had mentioned them several times.) A quick google image search brought up wildly patterned leggings with big over shirts or brightly colored dresses worn by pregnant women and mommies. 


Mommy clothes. 
(No offense mommies -- you deserve great looking stay at home outfits!)
But not for me.

But I decided to take a look when I was invited to a Pop-Up Boutique held by our local LulaRoe girls in Powder Springs - Sherrie and Christa

Not only was the party fun (there was wine), I got to try on clothes and decide what I liked. The laid back, relaxed atmosphere was very encouraging -- no high pressure like some Tupperware or Mary Kay parties that I have been to in the past. 

I bought. 
Here is my first LulaRoe outfit.
A Perfect Tee paired with an Azure skirt.
Makes a good work outfit.

(I am not very good at selfies and I am in the office bathroom - LOL.)

Hummm....this is interesting. So in typical Pat fashion, I researched. 

LulaRoe is sold only by LulaRoe Consultants. What I really like is that they sell using Facebook private groups, Facebook live, Instagram, and Periscope. I like the technology. 

Here are some pics grabbed from Periscope. 

Basically they show the item (live) and you comment "Sold" with the number. Then you fill out a google doc attached to the Periscope profile and almost within an hour you are sent an invoice. Tap the link and pay through a LulaRoe secure site. 
They are all over social media and really use the tools effectively.

Easy peasy.

But what about work? 
Well, though further investigation, I found that there are plenty of clothes that will work for the business casual office.

These pretty dresses are from another consultant LulaRoe Charm.

The latest craze for a dress is called "Carly." Carly is a flared dress with sleeves and a asymmetrical hem. It is VERY popular right now and people are hunting very specific patterns and colors.

Interesting thing about LulaRoe -- the patterns are one of a kind and once they are gone they are gone. So people hunt for what is called a "unicorn" -- a pattern that is unique and hard to find.


I decided I needed a Carly, so when a cute one came up on a LulaRoe scope (Periscope broadcast), I snagged it. I found out later that the retro cassette tape pattern is a unicorn for many people.

But for casual, LulaRoe specializes in leggings. Bright, bold, buttery soft leggings. 
While I will probably never go out in public in leggings, I will wear around the house on  those rainy weekend days when all I want to do is watch football or read.

Or sit on the porch at the lake.


Go to a Pop-Up party or check in with a Periscope broadcast. 
What will happen is that you will see the beautiful items available, you will make a purchase thinking that you'll try just one... and you will be hooked.

Heads Up.
The sizing is strange. Really strange.
For some pieces you can go down a size or two, for others you have to go up a size.  That is why trying on is important. Here is a screen capture of the sizing charts from a google search -- it is enough to make you dizzy.  

A lot depends on where the item is made. My original pieces were both Made in the USA and they fit true to size. I have since tried on pieces of the the same -- Perfect T, Azure skirt and they are not true to size if made out of the USA. ~~insert and unhappy face here~~

For full disclosure, while LulaRoe was originally Made in the USA - most of it is not now. 

The company has had such growth and demand, that they have outsourced. With careful label checking, you can still find items made in the the USA.  Click here to read about it. They justify their outsourcing in an interesting way.

Makes me sad.

Will I continue to buy LulaRoe?
So far, everything is comfortable and fun.
We shall see how it holds up over the long haul.


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