Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Swan Coach House

Those of you that know me, know that one of my favorite places in all Atlanta is the Swan Coach House.

Located behind  the Swan House, an historic Italianate estate once home to the Inman family, the carriage house of the Swan House estate was transformed into a thriving restaurant, gift shop and art gallery.

There are three sections to the building: restaurant, gift shop and art gallery.

When you first enter from the restaurant door you are greeted with a beautiful painting of the Swan House. 

Here is another picture so you can see how lovely the Swan House really is.

Atlanta History Center
Lunch is usually busy, so you have the choice of sitting and waiting, or exploring the gift shop.

 Let's shop.

So much eye candy.

I love this guy and if he is there the next time I visit, he is going home with me.

There are three levels. The main level which is used most often, the upstairs, which is reserved for private parties, wedding showers and the like. And the basement, which houses overflow and the various lunch meetings.

Downstairs is one of my favorite rooms, the Ladies Room. I have to admit, I think this room is one of the prettiest Ladies Rooms in Atlanta.

There is an art gallery. I started to snap some pictures, but a kind lady informed me that perhaps I shouldn't because the artist might not like it. I managed to grab only one shot.

Finally, our name is called and we wander back to the restaurant side.

And order the Swan's Favorite: chicken salad, frozen fruit salad and cheese straws.

After lunch, there is more eye candy to view outside while waiting for the valet to retrieve your car. Even thought it is winter, the ground are beautiful.

Have you been to the Swan Coach House? What did you like best?

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