Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kousa Dogwoods

Being a Southerner, I have a soft spot in my heart for the lacy flowering dogwoods that grace our yards in early spring.

But I have an unusual dogwood in my yard. It is called a Kousa Dogwood. I was inspired to write this post because my artist friend June Corley, down in  Loachapoka, AL, (who lives in the most delightful magic place) posted pictures of her Kousas in full bloom. Aren't they magnificent?

June Corley

June Corley

Kousa Dogwoods are native to Asia and can be distinguished from the traditional dogwood we see down here by the fact that it flowers about a month later, and it has pointed rather than rounded flower bracts:

Traditional dogwood:

Another distinguishing feature is the interesting fruit. It is bright red and said to be edible. A website called You Grow Girl indicates that you can eat the fruit.

Since my tree is usually loaded with these red berries, I might just try to make some jelly this fall.
What do think? Should I try it? What would I call it? Kousa Jelly?

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  1. the fruit of the kousa dogwood, a flowering tree I’ve spotted in lots of yards and town greens. According to Zachos, the best way to eat the fruit is to squeeze Trees-Plants Nursery