Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Cleaning

With the New Year and having to be inside because of the weather, comes the urge to clean and freshen the house.  The web is full of clever, interesting, frugal ideas for organizing and cleaning. I thought I would share some I have found with you.

Mary Beth at Cupcakes and Crinoline shares an easy, inexpensive soap scum remover. Looks like a winner to me.

Angie at The Country Chic Cottage shares a clever way to hide and organize toys. I don't have small children, but I have often seen houses with toys strewn everywhere. And I know some of you have small children or grandchildren. Her ideas here are really clever and decorative.

Beth at Home Stories A to Z shows 21 ideas for tidying up that pantry. Now this is one I really can use, my pantry is a wreck.

And Carrie, owner of NeatsMart, has a great blog full of ideas for organizing just about anything. I really like her Pinterest board filled with Christmas storage ideas. I love Pinterest.

These are great resources to get you on your way to a successful and tidy 2014.

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