Sunday, January 12, 2014

Office Makeover - Part 1

One of my favorite rooms is my office. It is bright with lots of natural sunlight. It is upstairs and tucked away from the main part of the house, so it is quiet.

This what is looked like when we first moved in. As you can see, it has some strange angles.

Once we moved in, it became a typical "junk" room with boxes of books, genealogy files and information. I am almost embarrassed to show you what is has become.

Since one the main items stored in this room are books--boxes of books crammed into the window area. By the closet is a wall that really served no useful purpose. The perfect place for a built-in bookcase.

So I searched the net and came up with some inspiration.

I just love this full wall built in. I even like the simple desk and a small sofa in the room.
So after many months of nagging reminding, my super talented husband got to work.

Deciding on the trim was not really too hard. We have tons of old trim in our house and finding something to work with our existing look was easy. Randall Brothers has the perfect trim every time!  Established in 1885,  Randall Brothers serves Atlanta with the finest quality moldings and trim. Check out their website -- nice eye candy.

Here is a look at the trim.

Demolition begins; the old molding pulled away from wall, a light switch moved and the basic structure launches.

I am very excited. I can’t wait to fill it up with things that are important to me – my books.

More posts about this project will come, though it may take some time. I want to decorate this office with a real vintage feel. I have pinned my inspiration on Pinterest, so check out my board about Vintage Office Ideas.


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    1. Thank you, I know it will. Thanks for visiting!!!

  2. What a great project! I love built in bookcases. They are wonderful for organizing books and pretty home decor.

    1. Thanks Mixie, I agree, they are perfect for organizing books and lots of other things. Thanks you for visiting, come by again.