Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More to Talladega than a Race

Talladega, AL. 

We all know about the famous NASCAR racetrack located just off of 1-20. How could you not know with a movie like Talladega Nights?

But drive about 6 miles south and you come upon the small town of Talladega. Chocked full of beautiful homes, this historic town is a delight and a surprise.

In typical southern town layout, just find the First Methodist Church and the neighborhood adjoining it,  is often the Historical District. Talladega is no different. You immediately enter the "Silk Stocking Historical District."

The Jones Mansion, c. 1880's (cougar_6 Flicker)

The McElderry-Malone Home, c1905

The Woods-Sims House c. 1891

The Samuel C Oliver Home c.1890

The Brown-Elliott Mansion c. 1912

Dr C.L. Salter home c. 1840

The Reynolds-McGee Mansion c. 1904

The Jamison-Purefoy House c. 1898

Side view

And a post card of how the Jamison-Purefoy house looked back then.

This is just a few of the lovely homes found in Talladega. Next time you go by the race track, take the road south, look for the First Methodist Church and drive along the Silk Stocking Historical District.


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