Monday, June 2, 2014

When in Rome

This weekend my husband and I did one of our Sunday drives. 
We wound up in Rome, GA., and stumbled upon this beauty:

Be still my heart....

In typical Pat fashion, I made my husband pull into the driveway in the back and I hopped out - I was gonna see this house. This is the Clairmont  Bed & Breakfast,  open to the public like any B&B so I knew could go in and check their rates and perhaps have a quick tour.  

That I found inside was a magnificent, very well cared for and preserved  1882 Victorian. 
(I snapped pics with the old iPhone so they are not the best.)

Staircase in the main hall. 
View from first floor landing
This house is a very preserved Victorian --all of the original woodwork is there -- the plaster walls -- the gorgeous built-ins -- even the door knobs and hinges.

Chandelier in main hall. 
Fireplace in Living room
Child tricycle

Built in in Dining

Archway between two rooms

Buffet in Dining

These hinges were on all doors

Another built in that spans the whole wall of one room


Going upstairs now....

Landing at top of hall

View at end of landing

One bedroom

Adjoining bath

Another Bedroom

It is just lovely, isn't it? I didn't capture all the rooms -- after all it is a B&B and some rooms were locked.

Downstairs was the tiniest bathroom with the most unusual feature. Can you guess what this is?

It is a built in Urinal. Yep. Pull the lid down and there you go. It is original to the house.
Also original to the house is the wallpaper in this tiny bath. 

This is view looking up showing the wallpaper border and the ceiling paper.

I was just mesmerized. And will be making plans to stay here soon.

Outside has interesting features as well.

Original slates still on roof.

Front porch from the side, check out the woodwork.
Beautiful window casings.
And there is a small building out back. It is much older because it is the original house the family lived in until the "big house"
 was built. The B&B uses it for cottage rentals.

Rome has lots of offer and I am sure we will back up there again soon. 

And as far as houses go, no one did it like the Victorians did it. 
Wouldn't you agree?


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