Monday, January 21, 2013

Neo-classical meets 1952 Ranch

My dear friend, Nadya, loves all things Neo-Classical. Irwin David defines Neoclassicism as "a revival of styles and spirit of classic antiquity inspired directly from the classical period."  Irwin, David G. 1997 Neoclassicism Art and Ideas

I just define it as pretty.

Simple and elegant, Neoclassic decorating style doesn't need to shout at you to make a statement as seen below in this pretty example.

Elle Decor - Designer: Darryl Carter

Nadya has done a remarkable job redecorating her childhood home, taking it from a simple brick ranch built in 1952, to a stunning, but surprisingly comfortable home.

She has mixed a bit of contemporary with neoclassical style and the result is fresh and elegant.

Shall we go in?

View of living room when you first walk in. Warm woods and clean shapes provide a warm and inviting feel.

It is the little details that make a difference like this lovely lamp.

As they say, the devil is in the details. And Nadya has an eye for detail.

And now onto the dining room. Look at the detail on this lovely compote. A favorite of mine.

One of a pair of grottescas hanging on opposite walls in the dining room. Painted by Montgomery artist, Debra Jean.

The music room below. Love the coffee wall color. 

A cosy nook to sit and listen to music.

Beautiful hand-stitched embroidered birds, from a now departed loved relative, grace the wall. I love the grouping.

The master bedroom is definitely the eye catcher.  It is a lovely soft pink with stark white trim. 

As a great admirer of  Furlow Gatewood and John Rosselli's design work for many years, she incorporated her favorite into her own home.  

Gatewood and Rosselli renovated Conrad Aiken's childhood home in Savannah. They had a 19th century campaign bed in one of the bedrooms.  My friend had it scaled down to fit an 8ft ceiling and had it built by Gowan Iron in Montgomery.

Don't you want to jump right in?

Dog painting of one of the owner's dogs also done by Debra Jean. I am stealing this idea for sure.

And this is my absolute favorite chair and lamp. I could sit here all day.

The den is traditional with colors of browns and golds that can be quite
invigorating as well as soothing in the most modern way. 

Another of Debra Jean's works hangs over the den sofa. I love the whimsy it provides.

The kitchen update is not complete at this time, but I intend to share it in a future post.

I think everyone could sneak a bit of neo-classical into their decor? I know I intend to.

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  1. Wow!! There is nothing "ranch style" about this.It is lovely.I really love the pink bedroom.