Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rainy Day Blues

It is raining. Rain usually makes people blue. So today I am going to talk about blue and white.  I just love blue and white in decorating. Blue and white dishes, platters, vases, lamps, you name it.
Diane Burgoyne Interiors

I think every room should have a touch of blue and white.

Frenchflair on Houzz

Even if it is one small piece, like this small dish on the side table.

The English Home Magazine

The thing about blue and white is that it really is neutral and goes with every décor.

Mueller Nichols Cabinets and Construction

One of my all time favorite designers, Kaffe Fassett, in his book Glorious Needlepoint – 1987 did some beautiful blue and white needlepoint cushions. 

The Transylvania Club in Sandersville, GA  a has a wonderful collection of Georgia Historical Plates in blue. This is my favorite.

From the website: “When a band of Tories visited Nancy they were so intent upon their dinner that their removed guns escaped notice. Until suddenly every Tory sprang up. As one stepped forward she seized a musket, fired, and he fell dead. She aimed again. Each now feared to move. Her husband arrived and they were captured.”

The plates are available here: 

“I find harder and harder everyday to live up to my blue china” Oscar Wilde

Knotting Hills Interiors


  1. Hi Pat! Welcome to Blogland! Gorgeous rooms...totally my style. I am a huge fan of Blue and White. I have a whole shelf in my office with nothing but books about blue and white decorating. Yep, I'm obsessed. lol I love all these rooms you've featured! Happy Blogging!

    1. Thank you Susan. You have been a great inspiration.