Monday, June 10, 2013

The Dress: a Summer Time Saver

Being a dress lover, I am happy that this year’s trend is the dress. How many times have you stood in front of your closet, staring, wondering what to wear to work? 

The shirt you want to wear has a stain, then the hem of the pants is out in the back left leg, the jacket is at the cleaners. 

The dress solves that dilemma. Look how fantastic Chassity from Look, Linger, Love blog looks with a simple black dress, fun necklace and red shoes. 

It is basically throw on and go. Add a necklace and cute shoes and you are all set. Some of my favorites are the color block. These can be fun yet casual and just fine for the casual office.
And you really don't have to be a size 0 to wear one. 
Vince Camuto

Polka dots are also popular this year. Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, Ann Taylor to name a few all have polka dots.

Southern women have always favored the print dress. Aunt Bea always had on a print dress and her pearls.

Timmy Truck Wikipedia

The real dilemma is picking which print.

 And then of course, the ever popular, always classic Lilly. But Lilly deserves a post of her own.

Lilly Pulitzer abt 1962

Have you jumped on the dress trend? I have and getting ready for work in the mornings is so much easier now. As I said before, throw on and go.

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  1. I love Polka Dots and dresses and put them together and I look Fabulous!!!Haven't found a polka dot dress I like yet but did get two polka dot tops.Yeah me.i love your's very refreshing.