Thursday, February 14, 2013

Equestrian Style

This past fall, we saw a resurgence of Equestrian Style in fashion.  It is a style that comes and goes as a fad through the years. But people who have this style and love this style couldn’t care less about trends and fads. To them it is a way of life. Equestrian style is synonymous with the beauty of horses, the tradition of hunting and the triumph of winning races.

Three Chimneys Farm, Kentucky

Equestrian, or as it is often called, Hunt Country Style  is significantly different than “cowboy chic” or “western ranch decor.”


You can't nail horse art on a wall and call it a day. There is a real finesse required to get this look right. Think clubby, old world feel.

The style still uses color, so unlike today’s use of pasty pastels and neutrals to the point of bland and boring.

Tack Room, the Polohouse

The colors are rich and traditional. 

Hunt Country Style

Hunt Country Style

It is the little decorative details that sets it apart. Instead of that "Made in China" vases, do-dads, decorative items so often found at various home decorating stores, this style relies on real items: horse prints, horse and dog photos, loving cups, bridles, boots, silver.

The Polohouse

North Carolina equestrian style. Kate Jackson Design.
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  1. I love the second photo..white walls,dark handrails.I could see this in your has the style for it.Great photos.

    1. Thanks Kathryn for visiting. I Like that picture as well.