Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What a Difference Paint Can Make, Part II

When we moved to Kate's House, I decided to make the guest bath, the horse bathroom. It is a nice room, but lacked snazz.  It had basic, boring white paint on the walls. What is needed was some color to freshen it.

Here are before pictures. Blah.

Off to Home Depot I go.  I finally settled on  Martha's Stewart's Beach Sand MSL232. With paint brush in hand, it begins.

I am liking it.

Here is the finished product.

The old bits were found in the various out buildings that came with the house. I just had to use them.

I bought this picture years ago for my very first apartment. It proudly hung over the only piece of furniture I had in the living room at that time - a classic white sofa from Rich's. You Atlanta girls know that dates me, doesn't it?

I bought these two pictures at Boxwoods 8-9 years ago, because they featured horses and because the frames are made of such a pretty wood.

This lovely print was found at a wonderful little antique store in our town, called Déjà Vue. I love the Victorian feel of the lady riding side saddle, in that long skirt, something I know I could never do.

The wastebasket is a quick DIY project. I found this treasure...

at Horse and Hound but just could not justify the price for something I was just going to throw trash into. So I found the wood planter already painted white at a yard sale, found the pictures on the Internet, printed them out, used mod-podge to put the pictures on the sides, and did a little distressing.  I use it for magazines.

All in all,  I think with a simple paint job, I found a little "snazz" for this room.

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